Top 5 Best Blender for Green Smoothies


Green smoothies are all the rage. After all, there is no easier way to get your daily veggies. However, not every blender is up to the task of shredding leafy greens. For this, you need the best blender for green smoothies. 

We all want to be more healthly and incorporating a vitamin packed smoothie into your diet is a simple way to level up your lifestyle. 

In our guide, we've found the best blenders to help you meet your green smoothie goals. So, add some extra spinach to your next shopping cart and let's get started!

best blender for green smoothies

Top Green Smoothie Blender

Best Personal Blender for Green Smoothies

The Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Blender BL 480 is a powerful blender for making perfect green smoothies. Although this machine is mini, it definitely packs a punch with its 1000 watt motor. For a personal blender, that is impressive motor power.

With strength like that, the Nutri Ninja can easily turn fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and ice into creamy smoothies in an instant. However, the motor isn't the only thing doing the work. The Ninja features a pro extractor blade assembly which specializes in even blends. 

Additionally, the Nutri Ninja features a special Auto-iQ technology. This technology is a pre-installed feature which automatically controls the pulse, pause, and continuous movement of the blades. In other words, the blender works without you needing to stop and stir the mixture. You can select either of the two automatic programs or from the two manual programs. 

The LED display on the blender base further adds to the ease of usage. It even has a digital countdown timer that shows you how much time is left when you use the Auto iQ program. It also helps you track the time spent blending when you use either of the two manual speeds in order to help prevent over blending. 

Inside the box, the Nutri Ninja comes with a 24 ounce cup and an 18 ounce cup, both with spout lids. With these, you can blend right in the cup, twist on the lid and head out the door. This blender truly offers a top of the line, green smoothie experience. 

What We Like:

  • Affordable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Powerful 1000 watt motor
  • Auto-iQ technology
  • To go cups with lids included

What We Don't Like:

  • Small cup capacity
  • All plastic parts

Editor's Choice for the Best Green Smoothie Blender

The NutriBullet Pro is a supercharged nutrient extractor, suitable for getting the most out of your greens. Apart from blending greens, this blender can also process nuts, seeds, hard fruits, and ice. If you want to level up your green smoothie game, then this machine is the ticket. Let's discuss. 

First, the NutriBullet, although small, boasts a powerful 900 watt motor capable of crushing up almost anything you can imagine. The blades themselves specialize in refined nutrient extraction, which enables you to get the most out of your smoothie. To operate the NutriBullet, just load up your ingredients, twist on the blades, pop the cup on the base, and press down. 

Second, this blender comes with accessories! Two mega sized 32 ounce cups are accompanied by two to go lids, two lip seal rings, and two lip seal rings with handles. All this variety makes it perfect for meal prepping or last minute breakfast smoothies. Even better, it's sold in eleven stylish colors which would all look great displayed on your countertop. 

Third, the cups and lids are BPA-free and dishwasher safe. The blades are best washed by hand, but this is easy to do as they are small and not very complicated to clean. 

Finally, the NutriBullet is great if you are new to the world of green smoothies thanks to it affordable price point and ease of use. One note, for the seasoned smoothie maker, is that this machine is not ideal for large batch prep as it operates best in sixty second intervals.  

What We Like:

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Powerful 900 watt motor
  • To go cups included
  • Dishwasher safe parts

What We Don't Like:

  • No pulse function
  • Single speed motor

3. Sboly Personal Blender

Best Budget Blender for Green Smoothies

The Sboly Personal Blender is a budget friendly, personal blender ideal for green shakes and smoothies. The unique design features a sporty blender cup that works seamlessly with the compact base. In short, you get a green smoothie on the go in a flash. 

For use, the Sboly comes with a 300 watt motor featuring overheating protection and an automatic recovery function. More so, the blender will only work once the bottle is locked safely in the base. This means that you don't have to worry about accidental operation. 

The stainless steel, four pronged blades make quick work of blending up spinach, kale, or protein powders. While not suitable for crushing large pieces of ice, the Sboly comes with a small silicone ice tray which creates perfectly sized, Sboly friendly cubes. 

Furthermore, every part except the motor base is dishwasher safe and all parts, including the motor base, are crafted from BPA-free materials. It even comes with a bottle brush in the event that you want to use your Sboly in a dishwasher-free environment. 

What We Like:

  • Simple design
  • Sport bottle with lid
  • Ice tray included
  • Bottle brush included
  • Easy to operate

What We Don't Like:

  • Low powered motor
  • Not suitable for large pieces of ice

Best Green Smoothie Blender for Large Families

If you've got a household full of green smoothie lovers, then the Ninja Professional Blender BL610 may be your new go-to machine. The large capacity jar coupled with the powerful motor is ideal for feeding nearly an army in a flash. Apart from making green green smoothies, this blender can also crush ice, frozen fruits, and nuts within seconds. 

Let's talk about power. The Ninja boasts a 1000 watt, total crushing technology motor. Coupled with the six blade, stainless steel assembly, your ingredients basically don't stand a chance. Ninja even brags that this machine can 'turn ice to snow' in seconds. Pretty impressive. 

For capacity, the 72 ounce blending jar is large enough for the whole family or large enough for a giant personal smoothie for yourself (we won't judge). The blending container is also equipped with convenient measurement markings in both ounces and cups along the side of the jar. A handle on the jar also makes it simple to pour out that smoothie goodness. 

For cleaning, the pitcher is dishwasher safe, which we recommend in order to avoid any cuts from trying to wash around the unique blade assembly. Alternatively, a quick pulse cycle with some hot, soapy water will also help remove any lingering smoothie from the blades. 

In summary, this blender is easy to use thanks to simple on/off controls and your choice of three speeds. This no nonsense, high volume smoothie maker would make a great addition to almost any kitchen. 

What We Like:

  • Three speeds
  • Six blade assembly
  • Total crushing technology
  • Large 72 ounce container
  • Powerful 1000 watt motor

What We Don't Like:

  • Tall at 17 inches
  • No accessories included

Best Blender for Green Smoothies with Accessories

The Oster Texture Select Pro Blender is what we like to call the 'best of both worlds' blender. This green smoothie machine is designed for versatility thanks to the ability to use both large capacity and small capacity containers on the same motor base. So, if you are staying home with friends or making a smoothie on the go, this blender has you covered. 

The motor base has been designed to accommodate both the large, 64 ounce blending pitcher or one of the two, 24 ounce 'Blend N Go' cups. We love this feature because, in addition to convenience, it makes things so much easier when it comes to managing allergies or picky eaters within the same household. 

For controls, choose from three automated food modes (smoothie, shake, or food chop) or do things manually by using one of the four manual settings (low, medium, high, or pulse). For further blending control, the Oster comes equipped with three texture buttons allowing you to have full control of your smoothie consistency in thin, medium, or thick. 

Additionally, this machine is powerful. The Oster boasts 1200 watts of crushing power, which is more than enough to handle spinach, kale, avocados, or hard veggies. Together with the motor, the uniquely wide three inch blade system works dual directionally to pull ingredients down towards the blades to ensure smooth, even blends. After all, no one wants to drink a chunky smoothie! 

When it's time to clean up, both the BPA-free blending jar and the travel cups are dishwasher safe. 

What We Like:

  • Versatile
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Sleek blending base
  • Blend-N-Go cups included
  • Powerful 1200 watt motor

What We Don't Like:

  • Heavy at 11.73 pounds

Buying the Best Blender for Green Smoothies

Green smoothies are tasty, easy to make, and contribute significantly to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One key necessity that you will need to make the perfect green smoothie is a blender capable of pulverizing your greens into a smooth, creamy beverage. 

Finding the best blender to make your daily smoothie can be a challenge. However, by keeping a few important buying factors in mind, you will quickly be on your way to finding the blender of your dreams. And, in turn, preparing luxurious green smoothies.

Blender Versatility 

Investing in a blender can be a big decision. Furthermore, even though you love green smoothies, it's nice to be able to use your blender to make other things as well. It helps to open the notes app on your phone or grab a piece of paper and make a list of all of the recipes that you could prepare using your blender. 

Once you have your recipe inspiration list, use it to go shopping for a good blender. Look for a model that can handle as many of the dishes on your list as possible. For example, if you want to make nut milks, hot soups, sauces, baby foods, or nut butters, then you may be in the market for a commercial grade blender. 

Alternatively, if you are a beginner or just really want to make a daily smoothie, then a standard blender will be more than sufficient for you. 

Green Smoothie Blender Power

Blender power refers to the amount of muscle that your blender has when it comes time to crush, grind, blend, and otherwise pulverize your smoothie ingredients. Some blenders are super high-powered, professional machines while others are lower powered, but still get the job done. 

When it comes time to choose your new blender, take some time to consider what ingredients you usually include in your smoothie. From here, it will be easier to determine the appropriate amount of power that your blender needs. 

For example, if you are someone who uses only fresh ingredients or green powders, a low powered machine like the Sboly Personal Blender would be a good fit. The Sboly is not well equipped to blend up large ice or frozen fruits, but it can easily handle lighter ingredients using its 300 watt motor. Plus, your budget will benefit from the friendly price point. 

As a note, most blenders (and even blender bottles) can easily handle supplement powders. 

However, if you are a frozen fruit fanatic and find yourself loading up your blender with ice, then a machine with some serious motor power would be best for you. A good example of this would be the Oster Texture Select Pro Blender due to having 1200 watts of power to work. With a motor like that, you can pretty much make any type of green smoothie that you desire.

Green Smoothie Blender Blades

Another key point to consider is blender blades. Not all blender blades are created equal. Therefore, it helps to understand what type of blade assembly comes with each model that you may be considering. 

For example, some blades are dull, some have slanted shapes, some are multi-pronged, some are extra wide, and some are crafted from aircraft quality stainless steel. In short, the type of blade you need really comes down to the type of ingredients you plan on blending. 

Generally, the more firm the ingredients that you plan on blending, then the more durability you need from your blender blades. A blender like the Ninja Professional Blender BL610 is a great example of a blender since this model boasts 'total crushing technology' using its unique blade assembly. 

In contrast, and similar to the concept of motor power, if you find yourself blending light or fresh ingredients, then an entry level blade system would be absolutely meet your needs. If you still aren't sure of your needs, then a personal blender like the NutriBullet Pro would also be a good choice. It's affordable and also specializes in nutrient extraction. 

Blender Cleaning

Cleaning up after making your smoothie can be a total bummer, especially when you are trying to run out the door for work or head to the gym. Identically, cleaning underneath sharp blades can also be a drag (not to mention a safety hazard). 

When choosing your green smoothie blender, consider your unique willingness to clean. After that, check out the cleaning requirements of the blender that you are considering for purchase. If you are someone who loathes doing dishes, then a dishwasher safe model like the Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Blender BL 480 would be a great choice. 

Alternatively, if you don't have a dishwasher or don't mind some washing up, then blender cleaning requirements won't matter so much to you. 

Emphatically, always be sure to mind your fingers when cleaning around sharp blades. We recommend choosing flexible cleaning brushes that come equipped with multiple shapes to thoroughly detail your blender. 

Additionally, dry your blender thoroughly in order to prevent pesky bacteria from growing around the blades. 

Budgeting for a Blender for Green Smoothies

The good news is that blenders are available across many different price ranges. Some blender brands, like Vitamix and Blendtec, are professional grade with a price tag to match. Other brands offer entry level options that make it easy and affordable to get started on your green smoothie journey. 

If budget is of upmost importance to you, then a low cost option may be the solution that suits you best. From our list, the Sboly Personal Blender is by far the most cost considerate. On the flip side, it is also a very low powered blender and may not suit your needs if you want to blend frozen fruits or ice. 

On the other hand, if you have a little more wiggle room, then a mid-priced option like the NutriBullet Pro will generally buy you a bit better blender. Bottom line, no matter your budget, be sure to carefully check any warranties to ensure that you are choosing a quality product. 


With the right blender, making and drinking green smoothies can easily become one of the highlights of your day. For us, the best blender for green smoothies is the NutriBullet Pro. It's affordable, powerful, compact, and has all the right features to churn out a green smoothie faster than you can say spinach. 

If you've got a little more wiggle room in your budget, then the Oster Texture Select Pro Blender is a solid runner up due to its power and versatility. The 'Blend-N-Go' cups also add that little extra touch of efficiency. 

Join us on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. Drop us comment to let us know how you liked our guide. Also, we would love to hear your favorite unexpected green smoothie ingredient. Happy blending! 

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