13 Delicious and Flavorful Plant Based Protein Shake Recipes


Kicking off a new workout routine? Trying a plant based lifestyle? No matter the reason, a plant based protein shake is a great way to stay true to your diet and enable your health goals simultaneously. 

However, sometimes finding great tasting and easy to make recipes can be a challenge. Also, let's be honest, banana paired with chalky tasting protein powder gets old very fast. 

To inspire and motivate, I've pulled together this awesome list of tasty and inventive plant based protein shake recipes. Grab your blender because it's time to get going!

plant based protein shake

Best Plant Based Protein Shake Recipes

It's so easy to get bored with protein shakes, isn't it? Scoop, add liquid, blend, repeat. Even worse, the market in general seems to still be catching up with those of us who strive to eat mostly plants. I mean, c'mon, can we just get a little more variety please?!

The great news is, the number of people trying a plant based or vegan lifestyle is growing larger. With that comes a plethora of awesome recipes to add some pizzazz to your daily shake routine. 

Whether you are a coffee lover, gaga for peanut butter, or a total citrus head, this list of recipes has something for everyone. You may even be surprised by all of the creative flavors that you can make - all of which fit the bill of only containing plant based ingredients!

chocolate pea protein shake

Chocolate Pea Protein Shake

Raise your hand if you love chocolate. Raise it even higher if you love chocolate that meets your diet criteria! This chocolate pea protein shake is made with raw cacao powder, banana, vanilla extract, pea protein powder, water and ice. 

If you want a little extra sweetness, add a medjool date. Blend it up and pour it into a beautiful jar to showcase all that chocolatey goodness. (via Detoxinista)

vegan peanut butter cup protein shake in glass with straw

Peanut Butter Cup Protein Shake

This truly indulgent plant based protein shake is loaded with flavor in the form of one of my favorite ingredients: natural peanut butter. Think peanut butter cup in a glass minus all those pesky candy calories. 

To make it, load plant based milk of choice, vegan protein powder, natural peanut butter nutritional yeast, and a banana into a blender. Add in some ground turmeric if it pleases you. Fire up your blender and prepare your taste buds for the goodness that await you. (via Running on Real Food)

vegan vanilla cashew shake in glass with straw

Vegan Vanilla Cashew Shake

If you love keeping things classic, then you have to try this vanilla cashew protein shake. It's entirely plant based and only takes a few minutes to make. The best part is that you probably already have all of the ingredients you need on hand. (via Kitchen Treaty

dairy free peanut butter cold brew protein shake with whip cream in small glass topped with chocolate

Dairy-Free Peanut Butter Cold Brew Protein Shake

Let's first take a moment to celebrate how gorgeous this shake looks. I mean, what a way to start your day or boost your pre-workout mood! Next, this creative recipe offers a new twist on plant based protein by pairing peanut butter and cold brew together. 

To start, gather together frozen banana, almond milk, natural peanut butter, frozen cold brew cubes, and vegan peanut butter protein powder. Mix it all together in your blender and top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. (via Peanut Butter & Fitness)

cinnamon roll breakfast protein shake in glass with whipped cream and cinnamon stick

Cinnamon Roll Protein Breakfast Shake

Grab a blender, some cinnamon sticks, and your appetite because this is one shake that you will want to make over and over again. This high protein cinnamon roll breakfast shake has just what you need to totally transform your morning routine. 

Add ice, cinnamon, sweetener (like natural sugar), almond butter, vanilla protein powder, and your choice of milk to a high speed blender. Blend up until thick and creamy, then pour into a glass or to-go cup and enjoy. (via The Big Man's World)

snickers plant based protein shake in mason jar

Healthy Snickers Shake

I think the saying goes, "Hungry? Why Wait?" and now I totally get it! This plant based protein shake is absolutely decadent and filled with flavor. It's made with peanut butter, cocoa powder, protein powder, frozen bananas, maple syrup, vanilla extract, and almond milk. 

Take things to the next level by drizzling the shake with vegan chocolate shell or homemade peanut butter caramel sauce. (via One Lovely Life)

lemon cream pie protein shake in small glass with lemon zest

Lemon Cream Pie Protein Shake

It's not too often that a protein shake recipe makes me want to stop everything and head out to the store for some ingredients, but this lemon cream pie shake is a total game changer. It's packed with protein, dairy-free milk, bananas, vanilla extract, fresh lemon, and lemon extract.

To make the lemon twist, cut a lemon slice, then remove the fresh lemon pulp so that there is nothing left but the rind. Make a small cut on the rind, then twist the rind into a small curl. Add it to the top of your glass for an instagram worthy protein shake. (via Le Petit Eats)

two mocha protein shakes in glass with coconut topping

Mocha Plant Based Shake

This mocha protein shake is easy to make with common kitchen staples found in most plant based kitchens including mejdool dates, nut milk, almond butter, frozen bananas, and plant based protein powder. The real zing in this shake comes from the added shot of coffee poured over the cold ingredients. What a way to wake up! (via Simply Healthy Vegan)

two chocolate banana protein shakes in glass jars with sliced banana topping

Chocolate Banana Protein Shake

This mouthwatering shake is packed with all sorts of plant based goodness from superfood protein powder to unsweetened cacao powder. It blends up in less than a minute meaning that you can be out the door and on your way in a flash. 

If you aren't in a rush, then I highly recommend taking the time to top things off with a drizzle of almond butter, hemp hearts, sliced bananas or cacao nibs. (via Simple Green Smoothies)

orange julius protein shake in tall glass with fresh orange

Orange Julius Protein Shake

A rarity among plant based protein shakes, this orange julius copycat is both refreshing and packed with protein. To prepare, fill up your blender with orange juice, ice, banana, and protein powder, then mix together until blended. Simple, easy, and budget friendly! (via Vegangela)

coffee lovers protein shake in glass with gold straw

Coffee Lovers Protein Shake

Coffee is everything in my household so when I came across this coffee lovers protein shake, I knew it would be a match made in heaven. It's easy to make with only a few ingredients and also takes care of that little bit of leftover coffee in the french press.

To keep things cool, make sure that you use cold or room temperature coffee as not every blender can handle hot liquids. Additionally, add the ice pieces slowly until you achieve the perfect, smooth consistency. (via Love & Zest)

strawberry vegan protein shake in jar with fresh strawberries

Strawberry Vegan Protein Shake

When it's strawberry season, I usually buy as many cartons as I can manage to eat. This vegan strawberry protein shake has now given me one more reason to go on a guilt-free berry buying binge at the grocery store. 

To make this shake, you will need frozen strawberries, non-dairy milk, vegan protein powder, ice cubes, and MCT oil. Carefully layer the ingredients in the blender in the order specified in the recipe for best results. (via Beaming Baker)

chocolate peanut butter

Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Shake

Is there anything better than peanut butter and chocolate? I've spent time thinking about this question and I cannot come up with anything better. To make this perfect shake, you will need ice, plant based milk, chocolate protein powder, cocoa powder, a frozen banana, and one packet of stevia.

For the peanut butter flavor, try peanut flour, PB2, or natural peanut butter depending on your preference. Blend it all up and then celebrate yourself for choosing to make the most delicious plant based protein shake. (via My Natural Family)


Plant based protein shakes are here to stay and these delicious varieties take things to the next level. Moreover, with the right blender, most of the recipes on this list can be altered and adjusted to suit your preferences. With practice, you may even come up with your own surprising twist on a traditional shake!

If you have a favorite plant based protein shake recipe that I've missed, let me know in the comments. I would love to hear about it. Happy blending! 


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