Vitamix Warranty: Everything You Need to Know


Vitamix blenders are top of the line, high-performance machines. Boasting top quality and durability, they truly stand out as the superstar blender among all blenders. However, even all-stars have off days so when it's time to utilize a Vitamix warranty, it helps to know all the details.

Whether you are a long time Vitamix owner experiencing an issue or perhaps just thinking of purchasing a new Vitamix, our guide has got you covered. 

We've taken the busy work out of warranty coverage and are proud to present everything you need to know!

vitamix warranty

Vitamix Warranty Review

Blenders are awesome, powerful kitchen appliances with the ability to save you meal prep time while simultaneously enabling a healthier lifestyle. Often, one's blender becomes a daily kitchen staple, helping to prepare smoothies, salsas, soups, and more.

If you own a Vitamix blender or are thinking about owning one, the obsession with using it can be next level. Additionally, Vitamix owners consistently report loving their machines so much that they use them multiple times per day for prepping various blender creations. Sound familiar? 

Therefore, when a Vitamix fails, the result can be not only inconvenient and maddening, but also a bit emotional. The good news is, the warranty is one of the best in the business. Let's take a moment to discuss why. 

What We Love

  • Registration not required
  • Free shipping both ways
  • Long, multi-year warranties
  • Extended warranty available
  • Warranty can pass to new         owner

What We Don't Love

  • All models not treated equally
  • Commercial warranties shorter than home warranties

Blender Registration

First, Vitamix does not require a blender to be registered in order to take advantage of the warranty. If you need to utilize a warranty claim, you can still call in to the Customer Service team and provide your serial number, date of purchase, and proof of purchase. Even better, if you purchased your machine at, a Vitamix Outlet Store or via the call center, then your blender is already registered for you! 

Like us, you may be asking why you should register your blender at all. Well, the benefits of registering your machine come down to the Vitamix Customer Service team being able to better serve you should you ever run into an issue. It also makes things easier for Vitamix to contact you about product updates or any voluntary recalls. 

Additionally, if you plan on passing your machine on to a friend or family member, the warranty will transfer and be honored according to the purchase date. Without a registered machine, this makes things a little more difficult on the new Vitamix recipient should they ever need to take advantage of the warranty. 

If you need to register your machine, Vitamix makes it easy to do online using a product registration form

Two Way Shipping

Next, if you've ever had to use a warranty for any household product, you can attest that the process is normally a huge pain. Furthermore, the company at fault often requires you to foot the bill for shipping back a broken product. It feels like adding insult to injury, right? 

With Vitamix, if you've got an issue that needs to be repaired or serviced, they will cover the shipping both ways within the USA and Canada via a pre-paid shipping label. Honestly, it's expected, but so few companies provide service like this that it speaks volumes about the integrity of the Vitamix brand. 

Warranty Periods

Vitamix offers extremely generous warranty periods when it comes to covering their products. Most items have a minimum three year warranty duration with other items boast ten full years of coverage. 

In a world where so few products come backed by a strong guarantee, we welcome the added security. 

Warranty Coverage

Finally, the coverage itself is thorough and complete. All parts including the machine blender base and any container sold with it are covered for the entire length of the warranty.

This coverage includes all parts, performance, labor, and shipping. In short, if you've got an issue caused by poor workmanship, material defect, or normal household wear and tear, then you're covered for free for the length of the warranty.

Vitamix Warranty Length

Vitamix has a few standard warranty lengths that vary between products. Their website is clear on which warranty length is associated with each product. However, it can be a bit confused to sort through the details since you will need to click on each unique product to find the warranty information.

For this reason, we've laid out helpful charts that quickly summarize which blender models are associated with their respective warranty time periods. It is also worth noting that although the time length differs between products, the coverage and benefits are still exactly the same.

3 Year Warranty

The three year warranty, while still generous is the shortest length of all warranties offered by Vitamix. It applies to external containers, including SELF-DETECT© models, some reconditioned models, and special attachments. It also covers the immersion blender and FoodCycler©. The most popular three year warranty products are as follows: 

5 Year Warranty

The five year warranty has you covered when you need just a little bit more out of your warranty time period. However, the coverage regarding any service or repairs remains exactly the same. 

If you own or are eyeing the Explorian Series E310, the TurboBlend Series, or most certified reconditioned models, then the five year warranty applies to you. We've called out a few of the hottest five year applicable warranty products below: 

7 Year Warranty

This is where things start to get serious. A seven year warranty is nearly unheard of in the blender world, but Vitamix comes through strong providing it for many of their legacy model machines. 

While legacy models sometimes move in and out of availability, the three consistently available models include the Vitamix 5200, the Professional Series 750, and the Vitamix 7500


10 Year Warranty

A standout warranty topping all other blender brands is the Vitamix ten year warranty. It's applicable primarily to the Ascent Series, which is one of the most impressive blender series that Vitamix has produced to date. 

Just like the shorter warranty time periods, the ten year warranty covers all parts, performance, labor, and two way shipping at no cost to you. Vitamix does, however, call out in the terms and conditions that any premature blade aging caused by excessive spice grinding may not be covered. 

Extended Warranty

Generally, Vitamix does offer the option to purchase an extended warranty for a price point of around $75. It adds three years to whatever warranty already comes with your machine. Additionally, Vitamix gives you up to thirty days from the date of your blender purchase to decide if you want to add on an extended warranty. 

Having an extended warranty can be useful if you are someone who enjoys having a little extra security along with your purchase. However, if you are considering purchasing a reconditioned machine with an extended warranty, it sometimes makes more sense to just purchase a brand new model instead. 

In some cases, that extra $75 for the extended warranty can bump up the price of a reconditioned machine to within a very close price range of a newer, non-reconditioned model. In other words, be sure to do some price comparisons before you jump into an extended warranty. 

Vitamix Commercial Warranty

Many business owners trust the Vitamix brand to get the job done and help generate revenue. Emphatically, making hundreds of smoothies or frappuccinos each day is no easy feat and requires a top of the line commercial blender. 

Vitamix offers a three year warranty period for all machine components on a commercial blender. All other parts like the blade assembly or container are covered by a short, one year warranty including labor.

To take advantage of this warranty, it's best to contact your local Vitamix dealer or a Vitamix service representative at 1.440.782.2450 to get things worked out efficiently. 

How to Use the Vitamix Warranty

If you run into an issue with your Vitamix, contact the Customer Service team for next steps. They are very friendly and can help you get things sorted out.

Before you call or email, it helps to make sure that you have the serial number of your blender on hand to save you from juggling both the phone and your blender base at the same time. You can find the serial number on the bottom or back of the blender base near the barcode sticker. 

What Is Not Covered

Although the Vitamix warranty is generous and thorough, there are a few exclusions. Notably, the blender in question must have been used for its intended purpose. In other words, a household blender must have been used to blend things at home and not for commercial blending. 

Additionally, the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear that does not impact the performance of the machine such as discoloration, chipping, or other cosmetic issues. Your Vitamix may look a little ugly on the outside, but as long as the guts are functioning properly, then it's likely not possible to file a warranty claim.

What Voids the Warranty

Vitamix is not responsible for unauthorized repairs done to the machine whether by you or the local mechanic down the road. In short, this is a good time to keep your screwdrivers in the toolbox and leave things to the professionals. 

Disrespect, misuse, or negligence are also all actions that will immediately void the warranty. To make it plain, don't try to blend your phone, nails, or anything else other than what it outlined in the blender operating manual. 


You need a blender that you can count on. For us, the Vitamix is it. The warranty is long lasting and full of consumer friendly provisions that make purchasing a Vitamix more than worth it. Better yet, if you ever need to take advantage of the warranty, the Customer Service team is friendly and efficient. Happy blending! 

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