How to Make Ice Cream in a Vitamix


Owning a Vitamix is fun. They are magical blending machines, capable of whipping up frozen treats within a matter of seconds. So, grab a spoon because it's time now to level up your dessert making game and learn how to make ice cream in a Vitamix. 

For years, the best ice cream was only available in stores. While we love a trip down the ice cream aisle more than anyone, sometimes nothing beats the convenience of just making it yourself.

So, grab your Vitamix and your sweet tooth and let's go!


Making Vitamix Ice Cream

Before we get started, you will need to gather a few things:

1. Prepare your ingredients

Take some time to prepare all of the ingredients that you want to use to make your ice cream. You don't want to find yourself mid-blend searching through your kitchen to find missing items. 

As with most recipes, the best ingredients are those that are the most fresh. If you are planning to use fruit or other flavorings in your ice cream, make sure to check the expiration date on any packaging as well as examine and fruits for bumps or bruises. 

2. Prepare your workspace

Now that you have your ingredients together, spend a few minutes making sure that your Vitamix (or any other ice cream worthy blender) and tamper are clean and ready for use. Next, prepare any bowls, spoons, spatulas, or scoopers that you may need. 

Lastly, prepare the freezer safe container and lid where you plan to store your ice cream. Make sure it is clean and at the ready nearby so that you can pour your frozen creation. You will want to also clear some space in your freezer so that your newly filled container has a place to chill!

3. Load up the Vitamix

Now that you have everything prepped, it's time for the fun part to start. Pour all of the ingredients into the Vitamix container. If you are using large pieces of frozen fruit, make sure to add these first so that the fruit is closest to the blades.

4. Time to Blend

Place the lid securely on top of the blending container and turn on your blender. Speed control at this step is key to a good blend. We like to start on a slower speed and then increase to higher speeds if needed. This helps the blades to do the best work and prevents ingredients from splashing up the sides of the container too quickly. 

5. Taste Test

Once you are satisfied with your blend, switch off your Vitamix. It never hurts to do a little taste test to make sure that you are happy with your results. We suggest using a small spoon to scoop out just a little off the top of your blend. 

If you are not satisfied with the taste, slowly add additional ingredients to correct the flavor. Turn your blender back on, starting with a very slow speed at first. Use the tamper to help incorporate any new ingredients. Repeat this step until you are happy with the taste of the ice cream. 

6. Ice Cream Transfer

Now that you have achieved the perfect ice cream, it's time to transfer into your freezer safe container. Remove the Vitamix from the blending base and take the lid off of the container jar. Using a spatula or spoon, slowly pour your ice cream into the container.

Gently shake the container back and forth until the top of the ice cream looks level in the container. You can also use a spatula or spoon to help level the top layer of your ice cream. 

7. Chill

This is the most important step of all! Place the lid on the container and seal it tightly. Store the ice cream in your freezer until it has reached your satisfaction. The length of time that you store your ice cream will depend on your personal preference, but try to wait at least three to four hours for best results. 


Making ice cream in your Vitamix is easy, fun, and affordable. Even more, the flavor combinations are endless and just might inspire some kitchen creativity. Take your new know how to the next level by trying a new flavor at your next party or gathering. 

Now that you are an ice cream aficionado, be sure to share your knowledge with your friends and family as well as in the comments below. We can't wait to hear about all of your awesome frozen adventures. Happy blending!

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