How to Use a Blender Bottle


Want to get the best results with your blender bottle? We thought so. In our guide, we break down the steps for how to use a blender bottle in the most efficient way. After all, we want results! 

If you are new to the world of blender bottles, do not fear. Our easy guide will have you gym ready and shaking things up in no time. 

All you need is your favorite blender bottle, some ingredients of your choice, a liquid base, and your appetite. With all of this, you will be seconds away from enjoying a delicious protein shake or fresh smoothie. Now, let's get started! 

how to use a blender bottle

Using Your Shaker Bottle

Blender bottles are specially designed plastic cups that usually include a sport top lid and a wire whisk ball. They are ideal for mixing things like protein shakes, pancakes batters, fruit drinks, scrambled eggs, and more. If you want a smooth drink from your blender bottle, these steps will help ensure you achieve the best results every time you shake up a drink.

There are various bottle loading methods depending on the type and brand of blender bottle that you have purchased. For our guide, we're going to assume that you have a traditional blender bottle equipped with a wire whisk ball

It helps to begin this process with a few key items. Take a moment to gather up everything you need according to the type of drink you plan to prepare. Here are some items for consideration:

1. Open the blender bottle

Now that you that you have all of your ingredients prepared, grab your bottle from the drying rack, dishwasher, or cabinet. Next, open the lid by twisting or popping depending on your model. 

2. Inspect the bottle

Take a good look at the bottom of the bottle as well as the wire whisk ball. You don't want today's drink to taste like last night's protein shake.  

3. Insert the wire ball

Drop or place the wire whisk ball into the bottom of the blender bottle. If you are using a bottle without the wire whisk, like the Helimix, then skip this step. 

4. Add liquid to the shaker bottle

Next, it is time to add your liquid into the bottom of the cup. It's critical that you add the liquid first in order to help prevent any powder supplement from sticking to the bottom of the cup. 

5. Add powder or other ingredients

Straightaway, add your protein powder or other dry ingredients to the blender bottle.

If you are using fresh fruit, ensure that your fruit is cut into small pieces and is at room temperature. For inspiration, we love cucumber, raspberries, and strawberries.

Alternatively, you can also keep your fruit frozen in order to create a chilled, fruit infused drink. 

6. Seal the lid

Place or screw the lid tightly on top on your blender bottle. This is one of the most important steps as you do not want your ingredients splashing all over the place! Additionally, ensure that the flip top lid is also snapped tightly into place. 

7. Shake it up

Shake your bottle! If it makes you feel better, place your thumb on top of the flip top lid to ensure that it stays closed during blending. Although you are the one providing the blending muscle, there is no need to shake aggressively thanks to the handy wire whisk. It is more than capable of mixing up all of your ingredients. 

8. Enjoy

Finally, it's time to enjoy your drink. Flip the lid back and sip your way to tastebud satisfaction.  

9. Clean the blender bottle

After you are finished, be sure to rinse out your blender bottle thoroughly. Some bottles are dishwasher safe, but often a quick rinse with warm soap water will do the job.  

Additionally, using a bottle brush or straw cleaning brush will help get all of the grime out of the bottom corners of the whisk or bottle. 

If things get smelly, you can also use a baking soda and vinegar combo to help sanitize your bottle. We've even got full instructions on how to get this done efficiently. 

After cleaning, set your bottle upside down on a towel or drying rack so that it has a chance to dry completely. 


Using a blender bottle is a fun and exciting way to elevate your healthy lifestyle. Additionally, the convenience and efficiency that comes with regularly using a blender bottle is unmatched. 

By following the steps we have laid out, you are sure to achieve the best results with your blender bottle again and again. Drop us a comment and let us know how this guide worked for you as well as some of your favorite blender bottle recipes. Happy blending! 

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