How to Grind Coffee Beans in a Vitamix


In our opinion, knowing how to grind coffee beans in a Vitamix is a skill that everyone should have. After all, finding yourself sans grinder with a bag of whole beans on a busy morning can be a total bummer.

If you are familiar with the Vitamix brand, then you will already know that these powerful machines can blend just about anything. Emphatically, you'll be pleased to know that grinding coffee beans is no exception. 

Accordingly, ramp up your coffee craving and let's get started! 

how to grind coffee beans in a vitamix

Grinding Coffee Beans in a Vitamix

All Vitamix models are built to last with durable parts and a long warranty backing up this promise. Supercharged motors work effortlessly with razor sharp blades to get the blending job done when it comes to smoothies, shakes, sauces, and more. Therefore, it's time to put your machine to work serving double duty as a coffee grinder. 

Before we begin, take a moment to collect the necessary items for the task:

1. Measure the beans

Using a measuring spoon or cup, scoop the amount of whole beans into the portion size that satisfies you. For best results, we recommend only grinding enough for your daily coffee portion. 

For reference, if you are planning to brew your coffee using a one liter french press, we recommend about three heaping tablespoons of whole beans for a strong flavor. 

2. Prepare the Vitamix

Ensure that the Vitamix is clean and completely dry on the inside of the blending container. This step is critical as you do not want to your freshly ground coffee to stick to the blades. 

Notably, it helps to use a separate or dedicated dry grains grinding container if possible. The Vitamix Ascent series is awesome for this thanks to the additional attachment bowls that work using SELF-DETECT© technology. 

3. Pour the beans inside the Vitamix

Pour the measured whole beans into the Vitamix blending container. For best results, ensure that the beans are evenly distributed around the blades. A light shake of the blending container usually takes care of this. 

4. Grind the beans

Switch on the Vitamix to the lowest power setting. Gradually increase the speed using the variable dial up to variable eight. Maintain the blender speed for at least ten seconds or until all beans are ground to your liking. For a course grind, try utilizing the pulse button for a few seconds. 

5. Transfer ground beans into coffee maker 

Transfer the freshly ground coffee beans into your coffee maker of choice, such as pour over or french press. If you have decided to grind more than a daily portion, transfer the remaining coffee into a storage container

6. Brush or rinse the inside of the Vitamix

Thoroughly clean the inside of the Vitamix using a cleaning brush or hot soapy water. 

Some Vitamix models, like the Ascent A3500, come equipped with a self cleaning program that you can use to get your blender squeaky clean. All you have to do is fill the blending container with hot water and a few drops of soap. From here, just select the cleaning cycle program and let the blender do the rest!


Preparing and enjoying a perfect cup of joe is one of life's simple pleasures. Having a Vitamix by your side as a split shift barista makes things even more fun. In fact, you can even take things to the next level in your coffee game by whipping up a frozen frappuccino or coffee milkshake. 

By taking coffee bean grinding one step at a time, you are guaranteed to elevate your morning routine and, in turn, craft an amazing cup of coffee. We would love to hear from you. Drop us comment with your favorite coffee roast. As for us, medium roast house blend all the way. Happy blending! 

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